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Before you join, here's how
you cancel your membership

If you select an autorenewal plan, your credit card will be automatically billed at the end of each membership term. This will renew your membership for another like term. You may terminate automatic rebilling at any time by returning to this page and selecting the "Cancel My Account" button below.

No matter when you cancel automatic rebilling, your account will remain active through the end of the term for which payment has been received.

Please Note:
The default plan automatically renews.
   30-day Membership
Renews automatically
   USD $18.99
   90-day Membership
Does NOT renew automatically
   USD $56.97

When you click on the "Yevette Nails" button below, you will be taken to BHE-Bill to complete your signup using a

Click here for lost Username/ Password or account support.
Phone - US/Canada toll-free 800-298-7054 or 1-770-682-3999

Securing Membership without a Credit Card

The added effort to manually create an account forces us to limit this offer to:

 90-day membership at $ 56.97 ($18.99/Month)

Please send only Bank Check or Money Order.
Payment must be in US Dollars drawn on a US bank.

Please send a note when you mail your payment.
Include in the note your desired Username and Password,
the site you are joining and your e-mail address!
We will create your account on receipt of the payment and e-mail when it is active.

Please send payment to:

Big Horn Enterprises
Attn: yeve000
PO Box 465501
Lawrenceville, GA 30042